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The 3 Best Cryptocurrency Stocks to Buy in 2018

Over the last month, major cryptocurrencies have rallied an average of 15% thanks to resurging investor enthusiasm.

In order to get in on the profits, we're bringing you the best cryptocurrency stocks to buy in 2018.

In fact, we've found a way to reap the profits of cryptocurrency investing without buying a single digital currency.

You see, cryptocurrency "mining" has programmers scrambling to set up servers that can "mine" Bitcoin. However, the process is anything but cheap...

This Old Liquor Store Gimmick Is Pointing at Triple-Digit Profit Potential

Think about the last time you ran out to the shop for a six-pack or bottle of your favorite wine or spirits.

On the way to the case or shelf, you probably walked right past any one of a dozen or so "marijuana beers," often with bright green, leafy logos.

Microbrewers who make these "marijuana beers" infuse their creations with hemp. Does it add flavor? Eminently debatable. But the truth is, the "secret ingredient" doesn't add any extra kick to the beer; the hemp is THC-free.

At least, it used to be. Because earlier this month, we got a look at the world's first no-quotation-marks-needed marijuana beer.

Where are they making this new adult beverage?

Why, Canada, of course. The country is home to what could be a $6.5 billion legal weed industry, and some very, very interesting things are happening there...