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3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Protect Your Money No Matter What Happens Next

Investors know adding high-yield dividend stocks to their portfolio is a great way to keep cash rolling in when the markets are volatile.

The problem is that the COVID-19 pandemic has hammered so many industries that finding companies with sustained dividends is difficult. A lot of formerly safe income sectors like banks, chemicals, REITs and oil and gas MLP's face the potential for dividend cuts if we get a second wave of the coronavirus.

But there is one sector of the economy that should hold up even if we see further economic damage.

In fact, these companies are likely to see an increase in business if we see financial stress reappear anytime soon.

And that's helping them turn into cash machines even as markets move up and down...

Marijuana Industry

We’re Only Scratching the Surface of the Cannabis Plant’s Power – and Its Profit Potential

Cannabis is one powerful plant.

It's a manufacturing machine. It makes a special class of compounds called cannabinoids, producing the most familiar cannabinoid molecules, THC and CBD, in abundance.

Just how many it produces is up for debate, but some researchers estimate that the plant produces over 100 different cannabinoid compounds.

In fact, just recently, researchers discovered two new compounds to add to the list.

These newbies are cousins of THC and CBD.

But as I've learned, add a carbon atom here or an oxygen atom there, and you dramatically change the way the molecule interacts with the human body.

Now, not much is known about the properties of most of these compounds. Even less is known about how they work in combination.

However, each of these compounds – and the possible combinations – represent phenomenal opportunities for medical researchers.

It's a veritable ocean of possibility, with tremendous profit potential lurking just below the surface… Full Story

It's a veritable ocean of possibility, with tremendous profit potential lurking just below the surface... Full Story

Penny Stocks

The Top 3 Penny Stocks to Watch This Week

Our top penny stocks to watch this week all have market-beating potential. But our best penny stock pick has a perfect "Buy" score.

We're going to share that penny stock with you today.

We found it through our Money Morning Stock VQScore™ system, which helps us narrow down the penny stocks with the greatest potential for gains in a crowded market.



This Mystery Trader Just Made a $35,524 Cannabis "Bet"

Earlier this year, I took the big step of calling Canopy Growth Corp. the "Microsoft of Cannabis."

I wasn't just trying to make waves – there's a good reason I said that. Canopy is making the moves it needs to make to be one of the most (if not the most) successful cannabis companies in the world.

These folks are not shy about their global ambitions.

And it turns out I'm not the only one who thinks so.

See, Canopy's price has been depressed since the summer – it's been happening with the whole cannabis sector, as we've seen.

But one trader – who I happen to think is onto something big – believes the stock turnaround could come in the next two weeks.

And this trader has put $35,524 of their hard-earned capital on the line to back up that belief.

Personally, I think it's a really smart move. And I believe it can tell us a lot about Canopy's immediate future, the future of the marijuana sector, and – best of all – how we can make some money there.

Take a look… Full Story

Take a look...