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Biotech (and Its IPOs) Will Crush Records in 2020 - Here's How to Profit

I'll come right out and say it: Every investor should be doing their level best to position themselves at the epicenter of biotechnology – pharmaceuticals – right now.

These stocks are leading a soaring stock market, particularly the NASDAQ Composite, which is at all-time highs. Of the index's 10 biggest gainers at midday yesterday, half were biotechs.

Obviously, the race to find a vaccine or even a proven therapy for the novel coronavirus pandemic is a huge driver of the profits here. My paid subscribers recently got the chance to book 375% gains on half of one of our vaccine research plays, and took 70% in profits on another.

But there's much more going on.

The sheer amount and volume of capital pouring into this sector like a firehose – it's nothing short of breathtaking.

I'm going to show you my favorite, low-risk way to tap that immense growth.

But first, you have to see some of these numbers… Full Story

But first, you have to see some of these numbers...


This Biotech ETF Will Rise from the Ashes on Feb. 3

2019 was just coming to an end in central China when people began suffering from runny noses, sore throats, and pesky coughs…

But it was the start of winter – flu-season, the peak time for the common cold.

The symptoms were anything but out of the ordinary.

Now, less than a month later, at least 170 people have died as I'm writing, and the number of people infected has skyrocketed to 7,700 – that's nearly twice as many new infections in just one day.

The pneumonia-like virus has spread from mainland China across the world, with cases confirmed in more than a dozen countries – five already in the U.S.

Needless to say, the word coronavirus is now plastered across every news network.

But the widespread fear isn't discriminatory.

It's punishing stocks with no relation to the virus' impacts as well.

Without any business in China, these companies will be the first to recover once the fear subsides. And if you get in now, you'll be seeing profits the moment recovery begins.

In fact, this stock is about to rise like a phoenix from the ashes...


The 3 Best Biotech Stocks to Buy in June 2018

By 2025, the biotech industry will be worth will be $727 billion – a 120% increase over its total value in 2015.

To help you take advantage of the tremendous gains in biotech stocks, we're bringing you the three best biotech stocks to buy this month.

You see, Wall Street has put some of the best biotech stocks "on sale" due to fears over development delays, Washington's pushback against high drug prices, and a lack of consumer demand.


The 3 Best Biotech Stocks to Buy Today

Since hitting a high in late January, the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF has slumped more than 11%. But that doesn't mean investors should stop looking for the best biotech stocks to buy today.

You see, the slump in biotech stocks has little to do with their true worth.

In fact, some of the best biotech stocks are currently trading well below their fundamental value, according to their earnings and assets.

Here are the three best biotech stocks to buy now, while they're still on sale...


Get Your Hands on the World's First $1 Billion Cannabis Drug

When it comes to biotech, Wall Street tends to overreact. Though there's no reason for it to be there, biotech is in the dog house, and investors have been conditioned to punish the sector and its stocks whenever the opportunity presents itself.

You see, there are three main reasons biotech is down: Wall Street is worried about high and rising drug prices, the impact of a possible trade war on foreign sales, and expiring patents for some older medications.

Over the last several years, for example, I've read a number of Wall Street reports about the so-called "biotech patent cliff." Simply stated, a drug falls off that "cliff" when its patent runs out and it starts facing competition from generics.

And a number of successful drugs out there are rapidly approaching their patent cliffs.

That sounds bad.

But there are good things happening in biotech, as well. In fact, what you don't hear much about is that the industry is about to bust out.

For example, I was thrilled to see a recent report from Clarivant Analytics, a research firm that works closely with industry leaders and top universities, which says a total of 12 compounds being released in 2018 could become blockbusters.

So I went through the data and found one ultimate biotech blockbuster that I think could lead the pack.

Let's take a look...


Three Biotech Bargains to Buy Right Now

Back in October, I did something crazy.

That's when I told the paid-up members of my Radical Technology Profits trading service to buy a small-cap biotech stock.

Here's why that move was a bit nuts.

At the time, it looked like Hillary Clinton would soon enter in the White House and clamp down on drug prices – and so the biopharmaceutical sector was deeply out of favor.

Turns out, however, our crazy bet paid off.

Despite his campaign rhetoric, President Donald Trump has pulled back from his own fiery rhetoric about drug-price caps.

That helped pushed biotech and drug stocks into a big uptrend.

And my paid-up members made peak gains of 116% – in just over eight months.

Today, things have changed – and investing in biopharma stocks is generally seen as a smart move. However, that means a lot of these shares have been bid up, and your best move is to buy big winners at deep discounts.

But to do that, you have to know how to find those deals.

I do.

Today I'll show you how you can, too.

And I'll reveal the three best biotech bargains out there right now.

All three have triple-digit gains potential...