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Best REITs to Buy - These Yield over 5% Right Now

Believe it or not, medical REITs are still some of the best REITs to invest in now.

They might be down amid COVID-19, but it should be looked at as a temporary discount.

The U.S.

population is aging.

The older we get, the more medical care we need.

Most medical care takes place indoors, so we were clearly going to need more medical facilities.



These Are the 3 Most Overlooked (and Profitable) Dividend Stocks on the Market

The U.S. Federal Reserve may be pushing short-term interest rates higher, but the fact remains that these rates are still incredibly low.

Parking money in the bank yields almost nothing.

And bond yields are not much better.

The benchmark 10-year Treasury note only offers a stingy 2.84%.

Nobody gets rich on 2.84%. That's why divided stocks are in such demand.

And the three we're going to show you today are some of the best dividend stocks you can buy in 2018...


The 3 Best REITs to Own as the Senior Citizen Population Explodes

One overlooked sector I've been keeping track of – and have been wildly bullish on – for years now is senior housing, so I was hardly surprised to hear about its biggest merger news in years this week…

I'm talking about behemoth KKR & Co. buying Envision Healthcare for $5.7 billion in cash, with the total deal value adding up to $9.9 billion including debt.

This marks one of the largest leveraged buyouts of 2018. 

Again, this isn't a shock to those of us who pay attention to what the smart money crowd is doing with its funds. Despite the bad rep firms like KKR sometimes get, their activity can often point to the direction of profits.

And they're currently pointing to one unstoppable trend set to hand three real estate investment trusts (REITs) - and their investors - a steady stream of unreasonably high profits over the next two decades...


Here's the Best Healthcare REIT to Buy in 2018

Investors who purchase real estate investment trusts (REITs) can reap the benefits of high dividend yields and potential real estate appreciation.

In order to make the most of REIT gains, we're looking at the best healthcare REIT to buy in 2018.

You see, REITs are backed by income-producing real estate.

Because real estate is not largely impacted by market volatility, REITs can protect investors from unpredictable market conditions.