Hasbro Inc


This Catalyst Could Propel Our Top Stock to Buy 100% Higher

Earnings season has come and gone. And as usual, some stocks disappointed while others surprised to the upside.

The company we're bringing you today beat the average Wall Street analysts' estimates by 36% when it last reported on Feb. 11.

But somehow the stock is down 10% to date.

We think Wall Street has presented a great opportunity to own a wonderful business at a descent discount. You don't want to wait until it's back up 10% before buying.

You see, the company has one major tailwind at its back that means there's a high probability shares run much higher this year and next...


Check Out All the Stocks I'm Buying and Shorting This Week

So, here we are: The first Fed rate cut in 10 years is in the history books, and the markets have completely changed… right?

Nope. The markets instead took everyone for a roller coaster ride down – selling the news.

But there are still a TON of opportunities out there worth your hard-earned capital, and I'm going to show you the best moves to make when the markets open tomorrow.

We just have to re-focus our attention on the earnings calendar - it's the key to making money this week...

Dow Jones

The Stock Market Has a Language of Its Own, and Here's What It's Saying

If you're breathing a sigh of relief because the Dow Jones Industrials rose a whopping 669.40 points (or 2.84%) Monday, don't think you won't have to hold your breath again.

We're not out of the woods yet.

The market's jittery, to say the least. A super-solid move upward on a Monday, which handily erases an ugly drop the previous Friday, could just be what Wall Street calls a "dead cat bounce."

Here's where the dangers lie, how to play this rally if it continues, and how to tell if it's a head fake...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Rebounds as Market Volatility Accelerates

The Dow Jones today continues to move higher as optimistic investors cycle back into stocks amidst high volatility.

Dow futures were down as much as 284 points this morning as European markets showed strong gains this morning. European investors cheered a deal struck by Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel to form a coalition government. This ends several months of uncertainty over the future of Europe's largest economy.

Here's a look at today's most important market events and stocks, plus a look at today's economic calendar...

Market Crash

This Gold Bubble Has a Disturbing Secret Message for You

Today, I'm doing something a bit unusual.

Instead of our usual LAMPP update, I'd like to take a different tack… and show you a historical picture lesson that should scare the stuffing out of you.

Recently I've been thinking about the similarities between the current stock market environment and a few of the bubbles that I have experienced in a lifetime of following markets. While those similarities are scary, they prove nothing. Just because two different periods in different markets look alike doesn't mean that their denouements will be the same.

By the same token, to ignore the similarities and the warnings they represent would be foolhardy. So today I am showing you the pictures of several modern bubbles, starting with a recent and disturbing one in gold.

Maybe that's not enough to scare the bejabbers out of us, nor perhaps should it be, because there may still be time to watch and take action deliberately. If you have been following my recommendation to gradually liquidate your stock holdings and raise cash over the past four months, and the current three months if you started late, then you're in good shape to ride out the storm that I expect.

But the message in these charts is that maybe there isn't as much time as we think.

Here's the gold bubble - and several others - that tell you what you need to know...