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OPEC's Oil Deal Has a Surprising Downside... for OPEC

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for better or worse, has huge influence over the U.S. energy markets.

So President-elect Trump's nomination of Scott Pruitt as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is understandably grabbing a lot of headlines.

For one, Pruitt has made no apology for his adamant opinion that the EPA – the very agency he's set to lead – should be abolished.

But amid all that, another, even more important EPA matters has been buried…

A whole market sector is at risk.

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The Hillary Clinton/Wall Street Relationship Has Never Been More Obvious

Hillary Clinton/Wall Street ties became an unintended highlight of Saturday night's Democratic debate.

It all began when rival presidential hopeful Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders took an opportunity to criticize the former secretary of state about her campaign contribution affiliations.

He might as well have handed Clinton her own shovel at that point and told her start digging...


The Hillary Clinton Email Saga Has One More Ticking Time Bomb

The Hillary Clinton email scandal could yet derail her campaign, which of late has looked virtually unstoppable.

Rivals have dropped out, and she's again rising in the polls. And yet the Hillary Clinton email scandal continues to stalk the campaign. It's the last real obstacle between her and the Democratic nomination for president.

Here's why it could end up being the kryptonite that destroys her quest for the presidency...


Why the Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Has Institutional Investors "Really Excited"

The Gemini Bitcoin exchange, one of several Bitcoin-related projects that the Winklevoss twins have in the pipeline, has obtained two key approvals from New York regulators.

Such regulatory approval is needed to build investor confidence in the Bitcoin exchange. But Gemini also has features tailored to institutional investors.

Here’s what will make the Winklevoss Bitcoin exchange so attractive…