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Markets Live Recap: Why the "Fed Effect" Is Very Real

Markets were volatile today as the Dow struggled to rally for the fourth day in a row, ultimately falling short.

But our experts are unfazed.

The Fed's latest push is giving this market real momentum, and it's fueling moneymaking opportunities left and right.

We've got 10 trading opportunities laid out for you below.

Chris Johnson and Andrew Keene unveiled these opportunities live today as they were tracking markets in real time.

Here's what our experts – Chris Johnson and Andrew Keene – thought about today's markets, and make sure to tune in to Markets Live tomorrow for even more actionable insight.


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Dow Jones Today Rising After the Latest Statement from Federal Reserve Chair

The Dow Jones today will move on optimism that the worst of the COVID-19 crisis may be over for the American economy.

Cases of COVID-19 are climbing.

But the Federal Reserve's low rates and purchasing activity have shown to stimulate markets enough that Chairman Jerome Powell may adjust its bond-purchasing plans.

Trading Strategies

My Favorite COVID-19 "Safe Haven" Plays Are Moving This Week

American retail sales had their biggest monthly jump ever, soaring 17.7% in May and adding some "oomph" to a rather tepid stock market rally.

The jump was mostly driven by thousands of retail stores and restaurants reopening after months under lockdown.

But the thing is, the future of retail and the entire economy is very uncertain right now. Even though, after the initial "coronavirus crash" in March, investors seemed to shrug off the pandemic and all its economic destructiveness in April and May.

Since then, states have reopened their economies and people have resumed their daily lives.

And now, we're seeing some troubling signs that COVID-19 infections are surging in places like Texas, Arizona, California, and Florida.

That's provoked a psychological 180 among investors.

They're suddenly very concerned with the pandemic's progress, so much so that they sent the big indexes tumbling by high single digits last week in the biggest losses since March.

That disconnect – the contrast between a piecemeal public approach toward virus containment measures and the markets' sudden concern over new infections after months of ignoring them – is in fact a "Reality Gap" that we can leverage for big profits this week.

Here's D.R. to show you how...


Markets Live Recap: Record Retail Sales Push Stocks Higher Today

Stocks rose Tuesday on the back of a record retail sales jump in May, positive trial results from a potential COVID-19 treatment, and more economic stimulus from the Fed.

The U.S. government reported all-time increase in retail sales of 17.7% in May.

Economists were expecting a 7.7% increase.

Meanwhile, trial results announced today showed an already widely-available drug called dexamethasone can help critically ill coronavirus patients.

Combine that with the Fed's announcement yesterday that it will begin buying individual corporate bonds, and you get another market rally.

The S&P 500 was up 1.6%, the Dow up 1.7%, and the Nasdaq closed 1.5% higher on the day.



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Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Today Will Be Flat Until Powell Speaks

The Dow Jones today is in a holding pattern as investors await an announcement from this week's FOMC meeting.

Today, the central bank will release its decision on interest rates at the conclusion of the FOMC meeting.

If Powell hints toward a rate cut in July, expect stocks to surge higher.

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