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The Six Best Stocks to Buy to Make Money This Summer

There's a lot of money to be made this summer with the economic reopening, and to find the standout opportunities, Chris has used his favorite technical indicators to filter out the top "reopening" stocks into the best-of-the-best "get out there" plays to make today.

Here are six stocks offering the best profit opportunities….



What to Do as Bitcoin Hits $44,000 (and the S&P 500)

Just as we predicted, Bitcoin's now hit over $40,000, thanks to big institutional investors and corporations who've pumped $17 billion into BTC and other microcurrencies over the past few months.

Bitcoin's mass acceptance gives it solid footing to reach Tom's one-year, $100K price target.

But due to some incredible events over the past three days, Tom might actually have to increase his price target…



Why AMC Stock Isn't a Buy Low Right Now

I've seen some fantastic stock opportunities since the pandemic hit the U.S. economy.

We saw the fastest sell-off in history, followed by one of the most rapid recoveries in history.

We've seen Overstock.com (NASDAQ: OSTK) soar tenfold as traders piled into the stock after the selloff.

An unknown company called Genius Brands (NASDAQ: GNUS) ran up fivefold after announcing comic books based on Stan Lee's characters.

Finally, Waitr Holdings (NASDAQ: WTRH), based in Lafayette, La., jumped more than 1,300% during the pandemic.

These successes have investors looking at beaten-down stocks they think will surely explode higher as soon as the pandemic is behind us.

These are usually airlines, cruise lines, casinos, and theater stocks.

But that's just wishful thinking, especially when it comes to a stock like AMC Entertainment Holdings (NYSE: AMC).



Digital Disruption: How Cryptocurrency Is Transforming Finance (Infographic)

The digital disruption of the world of finance by cryptocurrency is no longer hypothetical.

It's happening right under our noses.

The ability to move money seamlessly and nearly instantly across borders is only one aspect of how crypto is revolutionizing the financial industry.

And yet we're only in the early innings of this game-changing technology.

To help our readers understand this phenomenon, we're sharing this must-see infographic...


Forget ICOs; Security Token Offerings Are a $10 Trillion Opportunity

If you haven't yet heard of security token offerings, you soon will.

STOs will provide a legal avenue for companies to launch new cryptocurrency tokens, which will reenergize the crypto markets. But they will also realize the potential of blockchain technology by providing a way to "tokenize" virtually every investment in existence – a watershed event involving trillions of dollars.

Here's a look at how STOs work and why they'll have such a profound impact on the financial world...


Crypto Taxes Are a Mess: Here's What the IRS Needs to Fix Before 2019

Thanks to an appalling lack of clarity, crypto taxes in the U.S. are needlessly difficult.

The big cryptocurrency gains of 2017 exposed the inadequacies of the Internal Revenue Service's 2014 guidance. As it stands, the reporting rules are confusing and burdensome.

While it's too late for Congress and the IRS to fix these problems before the April 17 deadline, they have plenty of time to straighten things out before the 2018 tax season.

Here's what needs to be done...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Slides as Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization Documents

The Dow Jones today traded lower in premarket trading after U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed documents concerning President Trump's business organizations.

These documents are the first requested directly from one of the President's business operations.

Markets are likely to exhibit volatility today as a large volume of stock index futures, stock index options, stock options and single stock futures expire today – a phenomenon known as quadruple witching.

Here's a closer look at today's most important market events and stocks, plus Friday's economic calendar.