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This Craze Will (Hopefully) Be Over Soon, but You'll Always Remember the 100% Profit You Made

Tapping into the right trend and playing it correctly can bring outrageous returns. Microsoft and the rise of "Big Tech" comes to mind, or L3Harris Technologies and the spread of combat drones.

Investors who spotted those trends and – even better – traded the shares correctly have doubled their stake dozens of times at least.

Now, if you've been keeping up with the news… you probably haven't heard of this trend. But if you follow pop culture or social media or the last three minutes of "Entertainment Tonight," then you're definitely aware that fried chicken is sweeping the nation…

… and a food fight is raging that makes "less filling, tastes great" look like child's play.

Today I've got a (kind of) "defense" play lined up for us – defense in the 2019 Fried Chicken Sandwich War.

I know – it's completely absurd. It sounds ridiculous. I admit it.

But this is the truth: The profit potential is serious. The gains you stand to make on the Fried Chicken Sandwich War will have you laughing all the way to the bank...


How Did Chris Sacca Make His Money?

Chris Sacca took many detours on his way to becoming a Silicon Valley billionaire.

Trained as a lawyer, Sacca never invented a life-changing device or wrote an app that disrupted an industry.

But while serving as a lawyer in Silicon Valley, he had an epiphany that led to him amassing a fortune of $1.2 billion in less than a decade.

Here's his crazy, amazing story…

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The Dow Jones Today Is Rising as a Trade Deal with China Is 90% Complete

The Dow Jones today is recovering from yesterday's loss as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said a deal between the United States and China is roughly 90% complete.

Investors are optimistic that U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will make progress on a deal when they meet at the G-20 Conference in China this week.

More on what else is moving markets below.


This Social Media Stock Just Earned Our Highest VQScore

Within the last 12 months, VQScore has identified breakout returns for investors – like 29% on RH, 45% on RACE, and even 80% on VSLR.

But in all the time that we've run this service, a stock that we never thought would fall on our list a few years ago just achieved a "Strong Buy" rating. What a difference a few years can make…

The firm finally turned an annual profit for the first time in its history in 2018. It made over $1.2 billion, and we think profits can double in 2019 thanks to its new advertising strategy…

Right now, its 4.75 VQScore signals that investors are about to catch a massive windfall soon.

Here, we'll reveal the pick and where its stock price will go in the next two years...