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Sharp Gains In Crude Oil Prices Lift Global Stock Markets Wednesday

World equity markets were mostly firmer Wednesday amid sharply higher crude oil prices. U.S. stock indexes are pointed toward firmer openings when the New York day session begins.

Traders and investors worldwide are anxiously awaiting the results of the OPEC oil cartel meeting that began Wednesday in Vienna, Austria. Crude oil prices are sharply higher on reports Iran's oil minister said he believes a deal to curtail the cartel's collective crude oil production will be reached, even though Iran does not want to immediately scale back its output.

There is also marketplace uncertainty regarding the December 4 Italian referendum on constitutional reforms.

How to Invest in Energy with the Middle East on the Brink

I just got back from Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, where I attended a series of meetings with colleagues from across the energy "universe."

The scope and pace of development in this Persian Gulf city-state are staggering. Just five years ago, the astonishing, massive Etihad Tower complex we stayed in didn't even exist. This place is constantly expanding and reinventing itself.

So Abu Dhabi was an apt setting to discuss the sweeping changes that will shape the immediate future of energy investing – changes that threaten the fragile political order of the Middle East and will likely force a redrawing of U.S. security interests.

Everything is in flux right now, so I'm recommending energy investors look at one particular kind of oil producer that should prove largely insulated from what's coming next.

But first, let me show you what's at stake here...

Is Trumponomics Reaganomics 2.0?

So far, the nuts and bolts of Trumponomics – shorthand for President Donald Trump's economic plan – have many recalling similar proposals made under President Ronald Reagan.

That's touched off speculation that Trumponomics might be able to duplicate the mid-1980s economic boom triggered by Reaganomics.

But while the plans have much in common, the economic landscape is much different.

Here's where Trumponomics will succeed - and where it won't...