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Global Stock Markets Lifted By Upbeat Yellen Speech

World stock markets were mostly firmer overnight. U.S. stock indexes are also pointed toward modestly higher openings when the New York day session begins. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen delivered a speech Tuesday that sounded an arguably hawkish tone on U.S. monetary policy, and an upbeat tone on the U.S. economy. The world equity markets took this as a positive sign that a strengthening U.S. economy and rising inflation will help the other major industrialized countries' economic growth prospects, as well as reignite some wanted inflation.

Gold prices are lower in pre-U.S.-day-session trading Wednesday. The surging U.S. dollar this week is a bearish element for the precious metals markets, as well as other raw commodity markets.

The U.S. dollar bulls are on a roll this week, as the U.S. dollar index is higher and hit a five-week high overnight.

Listening to the Permabears Is a Great Way to Go Broke

The other day, I had an interesting question thrown my way: What's the single most dangerous investing trend you're seeing out there right now? What could people be doing that's a surefire way to just go flat broke?

My answer is probably not what you would expect – after all, today and every day, I'm "Opposite Guy."

So I'm going to give you the answer you didn't expect. But it's the right answer historically.

It'll help you along your path to becoming a successful, independent, self-directed, and, above all, wealthy investor.

And the best part is, the answer is going to save you a ton of money and heartbreak...

The Real Reason Jamie Dimon Hates Bitcoin

JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon has made extraordinarily harsh statements about Bitcoin lately.

He's denounced the cryptocurrency as a "novelty" doomed to collapse. And he's not alone. Several other Wall Street moguls have publicly attacked Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in recent weeks.

But these "warnings" aren't for the benefit of investors. They serve a more devious purpose.

Here's why Wall Street can't stop trashing Bitcoin...