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The Price of Silver Is at the Start of a Historic Bull Run

The price of silver went straight up since last week. In fact, it just launched into a major breakout, surging to a new yearly high of $16.45 an ounce. And it's only getting started. You see, it's often when an asset is nearly universally despised that it can begin a massive new bull market. A […]



Here's Why the Price of Silver Can't Lose on a Trade War

In the face of escalating trade war rhetoric, almost no asset has escaped selling.

The S&P 500 is down 1.5%, crude oil is down about 4%, gold is nearly flat, and the silver price is down 3.9%.

The price of silver has trended downward in the entire last month, but it's definitely not forever – and there are many reasons for this.

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Why the Price of Silver Is Still Climbing

The price of silver has been in a holding pattern since late February, but the Fed's recent announcement was enough to push silver from $15.30 to $15.50.

Now, it's looking more like the silver price's correction has run its course and the metal is preparing itself for the next run higher.