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Why the Price of Silver Could Shatter a 3-Year High by February

The price of silver might not be finished correcting yet, but it will soon. Here's why you should keep an eye out.

Ever since silver peaked around $19.50 in early September, investors have wondered how much consolidation lies ahead.

But silver prices in 2020 could even challenge five-year highs.

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The Price of Silver Could Bounce Higher After This Month's Fed Meeting

The price of silver has slid in the last month.

But it's still only in correction mode.

In fact, the data shows that silver prices have outpaced the broader markets since May, and they will continue to do so.

I expect its out-performance to continue as the Fed is now back on a $60 billion monthly T-bill buying program.

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This Silver Surge Is Just Getting Started

Looking at silver’s action in the last month shows us how gold has been essentially flat, while silver has powered ahead by almost 10%.

In fact, the junior metal is now surging upward, once again outpacing gold’s gains, and leading its more famous cousin higher.

Find out why this is likely to continue and learn about two silver companies that are poised to soar in the process…


The Price of Silver Is at the Start of a Historic Bull Run

The price of silver went straight up since last week. In fact, it just launched into a major breakout, surging to a new yearly high of $16.45 an ounce. And it's only getting started. You see, it's often when an asset is nearly universally despised that it can begin a massive new bull market. A […]



The Price of Silver Is Now Poised for an Extended Bull Run

With the recent surge in gold to five-year highs, the price of silver may just be coming into its own.

Since my last silver update, stocks have come roaring back to near all-time highs.

But interestingly, silver prices have rallied as well, benefiting from all the trade war talk and the cloudier economic outlook.

Here’s my prediction for how high the price of silver is headed in 2019…


Here's Why the Price of Silver Can't Lose on a Trade War

In the face of escalating trade war rhetoric, almost no asset has escaped selling.

The S&P 500 is down 1.5%, crude oil is down about 4%, gold is nearly flat, and the silver price is down 3.9%.

The price of silver has trended downward in the entire last month, but it's definitely not forever – and there are many reasons for this.

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