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Own This Stock to Build Steady Wealth for Years... and Trade It to Double Your Money in a Week

I had a few childhood "staples": a game of tag, backyard soccer, bike races, and of course, Disney. These weren't just a part of my childhood, but my kids' as well, and probably even their kids' one day.

We wouldn't be the first. Walt Disney Co. has been around since 1923, when it made animated silent films.

And look at how far it's come… You've got Disney theme parks on three continents, television shows, box office record-breaking movie franchises, licenses – you name it. The Fortune 500 company rakes in revenue north of $59 billion per year.

That impressive figure is only going to grow, and it's easy to see how when you look at Disney's extensive plans for the future.

So this is the perfect time to build a Disney "tradition" of your own – along with wealth you can pass along to your kids and grandkids.

Look – there's no question this is a stock everyone should be in for the long haul; steady share price appreciation is virtually a given.

But I'm going to show you how you can "play" these shares regularly to make the gains many, many times richer than they would be just from just holding the stock...