Vivint Solar Inc


U.S. Solar Installations Are Absolutely Booming - Here's Your Profit Play

Hopefully, you've been using the Money Morning Stock VQScore system.

The VQScore is picking winner after winner using a proven, proprietary formula for selecting stocks.

In 2019 the VQScore has found the honeypot of all honeypots, a sector that is

generating huge profits for investors that followed our lead: solar.

This week we are going back to the well with another highly rated VQScore stock

handpicked from this top sector. As the solar industry continues to boom, today's stock is

poised to absolutely skyrocket.

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This Penny Stock to Buy Is Profiting from the Solar Boom

Today, I'm going to show you one of the best penny stocks you can buy today. You see, this stock is a play on the solar industry, which is absolutely booming.

A lot has happened over a short period with respect to the solar power industry. For much of 2018, oil prices were soaring and reached their peak in November at close to $70. Most of this increase was due to higher interest rates from the U.S. Federal Reserve and a strong dollar.

As crude prices climbed, so did the price of solar stocks.

And right now, a similar pattern is forming that could send solar penny stocks soaring again...


This Small-Cap Stock Is the Best Way to Play the Solar Revolution

If you want a preview of what's coming with respect to the solar revolution, look no further than this past fall.

If you recall, oil prices soared for much of 2018 and then peaked in November near $70. Most of that increase came thanks to the strong dollar and the Federal Reserve lifting interest rates.

Along with the climb in crude prices came the obligatory bump in the prices of solar stocks.

And there are multiple other factors that will send this solar small-cap stock to record highs...