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Our Bullish Gold Price Prediction Is Getting a Boost Thanks to the Dollar

We've just capped off a big week for both gold and the dollar, and that's great news for my gold price prediction…

Gold climbed along with the dollar, rather than falling against it.

And I'll show you what it means for my latest gold price prediction right after I recap last week's gold price movement...

June 13 Is the Next Important Day for the Cryptocurrency Market

After June 13, there could be more clarification on how the U.S. government plans to regulate cryptocurrencies.

Right now, it's vague at best, and crypto taxes are confusing.

But if the confusion ends, more people will want to own Bitcoin. With more demand, prices could skyrocket...

Two of the Best Chinese Stocks to Buy as Trade War Tensions Cool

After months of escalating trade fears, the White House has hit the brakes on imposing sanctions on Chinese imports, signaling a potential thaw in international trade relations.

According to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, recent trade talks with the nation's largest trading partner yielded significant progress.

"I think we've made meaningful progress," he said. "Now it's up to both of us to make sure that we can implement it."

While Washington continues to flesh out the specifics of America's changing trade relationship with China, we're looking at the two best Chinese stocks to buy in order to take advantage of better Chinese trade relations.

Why T-Mobile Is a Top Stock to Buy with or Without Sprint

Whatever happens with its pending deal to acquire Sprint, T-Mobile is a top stock to buy.

Even without the addition of Sprint's resources, TMUS has positioned itself well in the market. And the rollout of 5G technology will deliver major revenue growth in the years ahead.

But the picture gets even brighter if the Sprint deal is approved, which we believe likely.

T-Mobile stands to reap mind-boggling gains...

Dow Jones Today Slumps as Italian Political Instability Rocks Markets

The Dow Jones today fell over150 points in premarket trading as a political crisis in Italy threatened the economic stability of the Eurozone.

Hours before a populist coalition was expected to take control of the Italian parliament, Italian President Sergio Mattarella refused to appoint a euroskeptic economist to an important government post, forcing a breakdown of the coalition.

Analysts Hate These Small Caps... but That's Exactly Why They're Good for Fast Gains

With the market taking a pause after rallying more than 5% off the May 3 low, the question every investor has to contend with is: Does the rally have more steam… or is a pullback imminent?

With the 10-year yield above 3% and global trade issues resurfacing, the argument for the latter has merit.

But there's one technical indicator I follow that's flashing a bullish sign; it tells me more upside is likely.

Small-cap leadership is an indication of a healthy market.

I consider it a reliable "risk-on" indicator that reflects investor willingness to buy stocks based on a perceived increase in risk value.

More risk here adds up to more reward...