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Why Apple Stock Is Still One of the Best Investments on the Market

On May 1, Apple Inc. released a stellar earnings report, pushing the company's stock up 4% in just one day.

Despite the company's recent performance, many investors are still skeptical that Apple stock is still the best investment available.

In just the last year, Apple's stock has already risen 36% – an increase that seems to give the company little room to continue its run.

Investor confidence has also been plagued with rumors about cutbacks at several of the company's largest manufacturing plants in response to dwindling Chinese sales.

However, wary investors couldn't be more wrong.

This Bitcoin Price Prediction Chart Shows a Clear Path to $36,000 by 2020

A new Bitcoin price prediction chart has good news for investors in the No. 1 cryptocurrency.

The chart shows a strong correlation between the price of Bitcoin and the breakeven price for Bitcoin miners. And it suggests that the miners' relentless addition of heavyweight computing power, even as BTC has slumped, will drive the price back towards its December high of just under $20,000 – and beyond.

In fact, this chart hints at a price several times higher than that...