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October 2019 - Money Morning - Only the News You Can Profit From

This Week's Top REIT Pays a 6% Dividend Yield

The recent cut in interest rates has investors looking at high-dividend stocks.

And the best of these right now are real estate investment trusts (REITs).

In fact, our top REIT today offers a 6.23% dividend.

Not only that, but some REITs offer potential price appreciation along with their high yields.

So today's best REIT an offer great returns to investors on top of a solid dividend.

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How to "Bake" a 61% Advantage into Your Investing

I must be throwing off a strong "dad vibe" these days. And that's got me thinking maybe my chance conversations with a number of young adults lately is a sign of the times.

As I've been going about my daily routines, I've run into a lot of young adults my daughters' age who want to get invested but have no clue how to do so. They have income, but they don't know where to start.

For instance, once, while skiing at the Kirkwood Mountain Resort near Lake Tahoe, I chatted with three young adults who jumped at the chance to get my advice about investing.

I told them about a surefire way to make the market work for them as though I were talking to my own daughters.

I'll share it with everyone today – this strategy is good for new investors and old pros, and it's particularly effective for folks who've been reluctant to jump in to such a volatile market.

I'll name a "starter" investment, of course – one I always recommend for young folks to get them on the right track – plus three other tech-centric ways to jumpstart your investing today.

This will get you into the markets, absolutely, but as you'll see in a minute, you'll enjoy a double-digit edge that will make other investors green with envy...

The Pentagon Just Gave This Top Tech Stock a $10 Billion Profit Catalyst

Tech industry juggernauts have been in a race to corner what's likely to be one of the

hottest – and most profitable – tech trends of the next decade. By the end of this year, the

cloud computing industry is expected to grow 17.5%, topping $214.3 billion in global

value. Thankfully, our top tech stock just locked down a nuclear option in the battle to

dominate cloud computing.

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The Top REIT to Own in November Pays 8%

To find the best REIT to buy now, I use something called the Money Morning Stock VQScore™.

This proprietary system tracks the most profitable REITs on the market and assigns each a score from 0 to 4.9.

That rating tells you whether shares are a "Buy," "Hold," or a "Sell."

The higher the score, the better. It also tells you which REITs could soon break out because EPS is rising, and demand for shares is picking up.

Let's unpack the top REIT (which pays an 8% dividend) to buy for November.


A Top 3 List of CBD Stocks to Watch Now

A decade of U.S. marijuana legalization has grown cannabis into an industry worth $10.4 billion today.

But the market for CBD is forecast to grow an astonishing 3,623% to reach $22 billion.

And we have a top three list of CBD stocks to buy that could create generational wealth.

In fact, one of our top cannabis stocks is poised for a 508% bump.