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Here's Why Warren Buffett Is Buying Bank Stocks

I find it extremely interesting that at a time when the markets are sideways, and interest rates are falling, Warren Buffett is buying banks…

Berkshire Hathaway is now among the five largest shareholders at firms like Bank of America Corp. (NYSE: BAC), JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM), and Goldman Sachs Inc. (NYSE: GS). Even credit card giant American Express Co. (NYSE: AXP) is a significant Buffett holding.

Right now, a lot of people are avoiding banks because of falling rates. But when you understand the broader trends, banking stocks are attractive, cheap, and have massive upside.

There are other major trends in the banking industry that you should know about.

I'll discuss those major trends and tap into the best bank stock to buy according to the Money Morning Stock VQScore™.



Here's Why Shareholders Will Hate Comcast Forever

Comcast Corp. just performed its biggest blunder yet.

And fortunately enough, Comcast's stupidity is fueling a 188% profit opportunity in another stock that we'll show you in just a bit.

On August 19 (Monday), 181 of the nation's top companies released a joint pledge to serve all "stakeholders," expanding the scope of corporate responsibility from what was previously just "shareholders."

Many wondered if this was merely a political move…well, it was for Comcast.


Trading Strategies

The Easy Money Move That Puts You Ahead of the "Smart Money"

The U.S. stock market is near all-time highs, of course, but there's a more troubling flip side to that: U.S. stocks are at nonsensical, nosebleed valuations.

Folks, when a money-losing outfit like Uber can go out – in broad daylight, in front of everyone – and value itself at $84.2 billion with a totally straight face and no hint of sarcasm or irony…

Well… that tells you something's not right. Something's been broken.

It deserves it for sure, but I'm not just singling Uber out here; it's merely emblematic of this mass insanity. There are hundreds upon hundreds of companies, many of them market leaders, trading at multiples quite divorced from reality. Nothing about the fundamentals justifies the prices being asked.

And like the saying goes, you can't fool all the people all of the time.

As I'm going to show you in a second, savvy investors – the so-called "smart money" – are increasing their cash positions. That's a wise move, because cash won't lose its value the way stocks do, and you can use it for "dry powder" to scoop up bargains when markets slide by double digits.

There's just one problem: The smart money is building up cash, but nowhere near fast enough. Nor are they setting aside enough.

Let me show you what my two-plus decades of experience says is the perfect cash allocation for a market like this...

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Why Investors Are Walloped with a Constant "Bliss Blitz"

Investors are being targeted by an all-out media blitz. But it's a funny kind of blitz – none of the violence you'd normally associate with the word. There's a reason for that, as we'll see.

It's a decidedly opiate affair, this blitz. It's calm, soothing, numbing, and permeated with a "don't-worry, all-good" message on near-endless repeat.

Try this: Think of the last time you read, heard, or saw something about "exploding earnings," "synchronized global growth," or "record levels of consumer confidence."

I'll bet it wasn't long ago at all. In fact, I'll go so far as to say you probably read words to that effect today.

So why is the mainstream media going out of its way to spread… calm and tranquility?

I'll show you the answer in a minute, when we dive into what I can only call a "masterpiece of misinformation" from a trusted American news organization.

Here we go...