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The Best Stocks to Buy in October 2016

The best stocks to buy in October 2016 are solid investments in any market conditions.

They include a tech juggernaut that could deliver triple-digit returns in just a few years… a defense stock that doubles as a cybersecurity play… and an e-commerce firm that could become the first trillion-dollar company – and see its shares nearly quadruple in value.

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The Real Wells Fargo Scam Is a Reckless "Do Whatever It Takes" Culture No One Stopped

The Wells Fargo scam reveals how deeply rooted the culture of rule breaking had become at the big bank.

But the employees aren't nearly as much to blame as the top management, which created an atmosphere so hostile and threatening that workers had almost no choice but to engage in unethical behavior.

Here's the shocking truth - and why it was allowed to go on for years...

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Slides as Investors Focus on OPEC Details

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is down after OPEC has seemingly reached an agreement to stop excessive oil production.

The details are murky, though, and it's not a guarantee that the agreement will be kept.

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Get Ready for Another Round of Triple-Digit Gains... Courtesy of the WTO

I remember a bitter global trade dispute from my days as a reporter, back in the 1990s – you might, too.

Rochester, N.Y.-based Eastman Kodak alleged Japanese rival Fujifilm was employing unfair practices – colluding with the Japanese government to create a "profit sanctuary," and erecting trade and distribution barriers – to dampen competition in Japan and abroad, and achieve dominance in the world photo products market.

From what I could see, anecdotally, Kodak's claims had at least some merit. The European Commission agreed, but the World Trade Organization didn't see it that way; Fuji was allowed to continue to press its advantage.

Winning the dispute made Fuji a bigger, bolder company. It invested in itself. I went on a tour of Fuji's Greenwood, S.C. plant, and it blew Kodak's facilities out of the water; it was "modular," modern, more efficient, and more easily able to adapt to fluctuations in market preferences.

Of course, the birth of digital photography soon made the dispute academic. We never got to see how it all might've played out.

Now, I mention all this because the WTO just issued another landmark ruling in a major international trade dispute with billions at stake.

I can't say history is repeating, though – this time, the organization sided with the American firm and against its rival in Europe.

That's great news for American industry, but especially for my readers. They've got the chance to reap a whole new batch of profits – after we've already seen peak gains of 157%.

We're backing the winning horse here, folks...