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June 2018 - Money Morning - Only the News You Can Profit From

Triple Your Money on This "Pure Profit" Play

I spend a lot of time every week scanning and searching the market (using a wide range of tools) for stocks that are unreasonably underpriced.

One of those tools that I faithfully review is the Money Morning Stock VQScoreTM. Stocks with the highest VQScore have done very well historically, and their approach finds stocks positioned for liftoff soon. And that's just one of the tools I use every week.

This week, I ran across one of the most undervalued stocks I've seen all year...

Buy This Oil Stock to Ride Crude's Historic Rally

On June 28, U.S. benchmark crude closed at its highest price since 2014 as domestic oil supplies fell to their lowest levels of the year. The drop, caused by rising international demand for American crude, has left American oil producers scrambling to catch up – and created a great profit play in oil stocks.

Oil's aggressive jump pushed oil stocks to fresh highs over the last week. This SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF rose a full 3% in just 48 hours on news that crude supplies had declined by 9.9 million barrels.

This was 7.6 million barrels more than the U.S. Energy Information Administration expected...