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Germany's Bold Play Could Devastate Trump's Tariff Strategy

Last week (Aug. 22), Germany's foreign minister, Heiko Maas, proposed a way for Europe to skirt U.S. sanction policy and upset the international financial order.

Maas, writing for the German business magazine Handensblatt, argued that Europe should establish an independent financial payments system to protect European companies from U.S. sanctions and tariffs.

The proposal, while controversial, has far-reaching consequences not only for diplomatic relations between Europe and the United States, but for Trump's tariffs...

American Shale Oil Is Minting a New Class of Millionaires

We've seen the term "disruption" everywhere in the media for the past few years.

Ride-sharing company Uber disrupted the taxi industry. Inc. disrupted most of retail and moved into groceries and streaming services. And when you think about it, Ford Motor Co. disrupted personal transportation a century ago when it replaced the horse and buggy with motor cars.

Now, we're seeing a disruption of American shale oil. And it's creating a whole new class of millionaire investors...

Our Newest Apple Stock Price Prediction Shows $300 by 2020

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) recently hit the largest market capitalization any company has ever hit, rising over $1 trillion. But the soaring market cap might make some investors skeptical about investing in Apple right now. After all, after shattering this record, it might not go much higher. In fact, analysts on Wall Street have a one-year price […]

Don't be fooled. Our Apple stock price prediction shows the stock hitting $300 a share...