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Insiders Believe This Small-Cap Biotech Stock Could Jump 478%

If you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, you might have heard of insider buying when it comes to a stock.

Insider buying can predict success in a stock.

And today, I'm going to show you a stock that's getting bought up by insides – meaning it's poised for a breakout.

Six analysts gave this stock an average 478% growth target.

I'm not as bullish as those guys, but my 72% target is still good reason to pay attention to this stock.


This Company Gives You a Piece of the Next Cannabis Profit Hot Spot

When we held the First Annual NICI Retreat in Las Vegas, we knew Sin City was going to be tough to beat. But turns out the next "hot spot" for a cannabis retreat could be… Massachusetts.

It might be surprising that's the state catching our eye – but consider the latest cannabis sales data…

From Nov. 20, 2018, to Nov. 20, 2019, nearly $400 million worth of cannabis was sold in Massachusetts. That's very impressive, for a few reasons…

First, at the end of November, there were only 36 recreational dispensaries open in the state. There's not even a single recreational dispensary currently open in Boston.

Compare that to Colorado. When legal recreational sales went live there, it generated $300 million with 306 retailers licensed in 2014.

Nevada's recreational sales reached $434 million in its first year of adult-use legalization, but it also had 61 licensed retailers.

So, Massachusetts' $400 million in sales is very significant for cannabis profits.

Sales are really going to kick into overdrive in 2020. Fortunately for us (if you've been following along), we already own one of the best cannabis companies operating in Massachusetts… Full Story

Sales are really going to kick into overdrive in 2020. Fortunately for us (if you've been following along), we already own one of the best cannabis companies operating in Massachusetts... Full Story

The Top Dividend Stocks to Own This Week

While the House vote on Trump impeachment is driving headlines today, a Senate vote is still extremely unlikely to pass.

More meaningful news comes out of the United Kingdom, and it’s drawing our attention to the top dividend stocks this week.

The Bank of England held interest rates in place during its recent policy meeting.

Facing the departure of the U.K. from the European Union, the BoE released a weak economic outlook for the nation's economy.

Its decision to keep interest rates steady falls in line with the number of other central banks that will maintain lower interest rates to bolster economic growth.


This "Oversold" REIT Just Hit Our Buy Zone

If you're like me, you like to purchase things when they are on sale.

You'll load up on hamburger meat and freeze some when you can buy two pounds for the price of one…

You search for bargains online during the holiday season because one website sells the product you want for less…

Or you wait around for something you really want to buy – that no one else is purchasing – and watch the price drop and drop until you get it on the cheap.

That same pattern holds for stocks.

But it's ironic how most market participants get scared when they see their favorite stocks go on sale...

300 Billion Reasons to Buy the 3 Best Video Game Stocks Now

You don't often hear about the video game industry from Wall Street, but it's on the fast track to becoming bigger than both the film and music industry combined.

The global video game industry is worth a whopping $152 billion right now, while the music and movie industries are worth $19.1 billion and $136 billion, respectively.

Over the next five years, some of the best video game stocks to buy will help push the video game market to even greater heights, too.

Between now and 2021, Statista reports it'll grow 20% to $180.1 billion.

By 2025, Global Data says the video game market could rocket up to $300 billion.


The Expert Secret to Spotting a Billion-Dollar Idea

Long before I was an angel investor, I sat on the other side of the table as a startup founder.

I've personally founded four successful businesses. And let me tell you – it is seriously grueling work.

It was all worth it, though – and not just because I ended up making money.

More than anything, I'm glad I did it because each business started with an amazing idea. And what's better than watching an amazing idea come to life?

World-changing ideas are the bedrock upon which the startup world is built. Every successful business starts with one.

But what does a great idea really look like?

When you're an angel investor, you hear a lot of pitches from a lot of founders. And every single one of them tells you that their idea is revolutionary.

So how do you tell the difference between a founder with a billion-dollar idea… and one who's just blowing smoke?

I'll show you… Full Story

I'll show you... Full Story