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This Is the Best Stock to Buy and Hold During Extreme Volatility

In 19 trading days in October so far, there have been 13 days when the Dow closed with a triple-digit move – four higher and nine lower. Seven of them had moves greater than 1%. Compare that to 2017, when there were just 10 single-day moves of 1% the entire year.

It's no wonder investors are nervous.

But history shows that this is par for the course for October. While September usually gets the rap as the worst month for investors, October is actually the month with the most volatility.

And that's why we're bringing you the best stock to buy and hold in October, when the markets are particularly volatile...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Jumps 190 Points as Earning Season Kicks Off

The Dow Jones today locked in a 190 point gain in Monday's pre-market trading as investors turned away from geopolitical chatter to focus on a busy week of earnings reports.

Markets are anticipating the most profitable earnings season in seven years thanks to 2017 tax cut legislation.

Still, ongoing tensions in Washington and abroad could drive the market sideways at any point.