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This Trio Is Deceiving You out of Making Money, So Here's What to Do About It

Enough is enough. I've reached my tipping point on the insanity that's going on in the media. And on Wall Street. And on Madison Avenue, for that matter.

These three groups are dedicated to treating the rest of the world like mushrooms – keeping us in the dark and feeding us manure.

I want to do exactly the opposite. I'm making it my mission to shine a bright light on the messages that are being sold to us. Messages meant to misdirect you and me. To mislead us. Or to cover up what's really going on.

Take last Thursday, for example, when a key bit of global economic data came out. Something that could make or break your investments for the rest of the year…

You see, Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. It's an industrial powerhouse that for decades has been driven by exports – sending cars, machinery, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals all across the globe.

The country's export focus makes Germany a key bellwether for how consumers across the world are doing. Strong consumer spending tends to mean high demand for imports, which bodes well for Germany. So when Germany's manufacturing industry shrunk for three quarters running this year, it put traders on high alert.

Not that you saw much about this on the news, of course. No, they had more "interesting and political" things to talk about both on TV and online. Like who said what about Ukraine and this and that about the "impeachment," as if it's going to change anything. Well, it's not.

But the fourth largest economy in the world shedding factory jobs at the fastest rate in almost 10 years – that can change everything. It's a key sign that the global economy might not be doing so well.

Meanwhile, here's the news that really matters – and how you can profit from it… Full Story

Meanwhile, here's the news that really matters - and how you can profit from it...


Our Top Defense Stock to Buy amid Tensions with China

Around the globe, economic fears are rising.

And the threat that stands out the most is China. Last week, China celebrated its 70th anniversary. A military parade showed off a hypersonic nuclear missile that can strike the heart of North America within 30 minutes.

The expected downturn in the market is an excellent time to think defensively.

You want to own stocks that can provide income and share price appreciation. You'll also want to tap into America's booming defense industry.

Here, we'll show you how we discovered this stock and why it's poised to break out in the coming months...


One of the Best Defense Stocks to Buy as Iran Tensions Mount

In June, Iran announced its military had shot down a U.S. drone and claimed its nation was "ready for war."

The country has rejected accusations from the United States that it violated terms of a 2015 nuclear agreement and it could once again be facing U.N. sanctions.

This is a critical time on the world stage, but it’s also caught the attention of Wall Street and defense stock investors.

When geopolitical uncertainty rears its ugly head, defense stocks tend to soar.

And given the U.S. commitment to a strong defense, some of these investments can even be considered resistant to recessions.



The Best Defense Stock to Buy as Tensions with Iran Build

With tensions building between the U.S. and Iran, we went searching for the top defense stock to buy right now.

And we found just the one…

It has a strong balance sheet with just $2 billion in debt.

And its total debt to capital sits at just 29.4%, compared to an industry average of 68%.

The firm even pays a 2.13% dividend, which outpaces its rivals 1.9% average.

And its gross profit margins, operating profit margins, and net profit margins all outpace the industry average as well.

But the company’s standard financial metrics tell just half of the story of why it is a breakout stock with a very high VQScore.

As you’ll see, the firm is about to make major strides in the increased competition for Pentagon dollars…


This Defense Stock Pick Couldn't Be More Timely

With global tensions at an all-time high, it's perfectly normal to be concerned.

But as intelligent investors, we'll reserve judgment until the facts are clear, because we have the risk management in place to do that.

We're calm and confident while others are running around panicking.

That's why it's the perfect time for Keith to recommend this defense stock.

And with shares already moving quickly, there's really no time to lose...


This Aerospace Company Breakup Delivers a 3-for-1 Investment Bargain

If you still have your Christmas tree up, you might want to check under it for a late present.

It comes in the form of a spin-off. Let me explain.

United Technologies Corp. completed a $23 billion merger with Rockwell Collins Inc. on Nov. 26, 2018.

Normally, the story of a sprawling conglomerate acquiring an aerospace contractor would pretty much end there.

That's because the idea behind these kinds of bolt-on buyouts is to create new synergies that make the bigger, newer firm more competitive and more profitable.

Of course, United Technologies wants to take advantage of the Trump administration's defense buildup, one of the biggest we've seen since the Reagan era.

But in this case, the merger served as a catalyst for a much bigger change.

The same day United Technologies closed the books on the deal, it announced a broad realignment that surprised Wall Street.

Following the Rockwell acquisition, United Technologies said it would break itself up into three standalone companies.

That's great news for investors because studies have shown that these kinds of spin-offs usually lead to market-beating gains.

Just the sort of late Christmas gift investors can enjoy.

That's why today, I'm going to show you how to get in on the action.

Before it's too late...

Trading Strategies

How to Know Which Mergers Will Be Winners

Millions of investors find mergers to be complicated and murky undertakings, best left to Wall Street's "Armani Army."

I look at 'em differently and think you should, too.

That's because mergers are one of the single greatest profit generators out there.

Today, we're going to talk about why and how you could play along for big potential profits…

Today, we're going to talk about why and how you could play along for big potential profits...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Jumps 160 Points as Caterpillar and United Technologies Beat Earnings

This morning, Caterpillar Inc. and United Technologies Corp. pushed the Dow Jones today up 160 points after reporting stronger than expected earnings.

Both reports issued a strong vote of confidence for the global economy, significantly increasing annual production and profit forecasts.

Investors are likely to break the Dow's four-day losing streak today in anticipation of additional earnings reports.