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April 2017 - Money Morning - Only the News You Can Profit From

World Stock Markets Weaker; U.S. GDP Report On Deck

Global equity markets were mostly lower Friday, heading into the weekend. U.S. stock indexes are firmer heading into the New York day session.

Gold prices are firmer on mild short covering heading into a weekend that could see new geopolitical developments. President Trump said the U.S. and North Korea are headed for a major confrontation over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

Traders and investors are awaiting what is arguably the most important data point of the week: Friday morning’s U.S. advance first-quarter gross domestic product report.

Update: My Favorite "Ten Bagger" Could Zoom Another 48%

We've talked about the stellar "Baby Biotech" I'm going to update you on today. It's actually the first stock I ever recommended in Private Briefing, back in 2011.

At the time, you could buy it for less than nine bucks a share – $8.60.

The innovative firm has packed on peak gains of more than 1,003% since then, hitting a high of $94.88 a share.

Now, I usually keep choice recommendations like this between myself and my paid-up subscribers. Not because I'm sentimental about the first stock pick we looked at together, but because it's only fair.

But over the years, the gains have simply grown too huge to keep a lid on.

So in the summer of 2016, almost at the exact moment it was making new all-time highs, I recommended this company to Money Morning Members.

We've enjoyed market-crushing peak gains of more than 37% since then.

In point of fact, virtually every time we've published an updated recommendation, first in Private Briefing and then later in Money Morning, for these shares, the predicted catalyst we've spotted has exploded and big gains have followed.

And in any case - whether this stock has delivered you "ten bagger"-style gains already, or you're just getting used to the idea of years of triple-digit profits from one stock - you're going to love what I see coming just around the corner for this company...