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Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Climbs Higher as Brexit Woes Ease

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is climbing once again as panic from the Brexit is starting to fade.

The banking and technology sectors are starting to rally after initially crashing after the Brexit vote.

But that's not the only news you need to know about today- here's all the important stock market information for June 29...

How to Increase Your Profits and Slash Your Losses on Every Trade

I've spent more than 30 years teaching a diverse group of people of all backgrounds and experience levels how to trade profitably, whether they're making a bid for extra income, or financing new purchases, or planning for retirement.

As different as all these folks are, there's one constant they have in common that consistently thwarts the otherwise totally promising trades they've got on.

Emotion… More than any source of volatility that can throw markets into a tailspin, emotion is the killer. It forces people to walk – no, make that run – away from generous upside, or sends them hurtling into the path of steep losses.

And it's all the more tragic because it simply doesn't have to happen. That's right: These events aren't inevitable fate, they're mistakes.

But the good news is there are two steps to take to make sure these kinds of mistakes never happen. Even if you've already fallen victim to emotion in your trades, there's no need to do it again.

This technique is as simple as it is effective...

With This All-Star Partnership, "Mr. October" Just Became Silicon Valley's Latest MVP

Partnerships with startups – like Mr. October's specialty auto parts business – are turning this German tech firm's shares into a growth stock sure to outperform the market.

Profit growth is expected to outstrip sales by 50% by 2017, and that's just the start. Here's everything you need to know…

Facebook Stock Split Vote Passes, Here’s What to Do Next

The mainstream media has barely covered the Facebook stock split, which is why investors are asking us for more information.

There isn't an official date yet, but the FB stock split was approved by shareholders on June 20.

We will provide our readers with more details about what the split means for their FB shares. But we'll also tell you if Facebook stock is a good investment right now...