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Why the Price of Silver Is Down This Week and Where It's Headed Next

I’m excited about silver.

Now let me first say I know what happened to the price of silver over the last week.

The precious metal is down 2%, and that’s after the Fed rate hike is finally out of the way.

I also know the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) is up over that same time.

In fact, it jumped some 150 basis points, driven by both the rate hike and weakness in the euro.

But remember, gold tends to put in a low around the time we get rate hikes, and it also tends to put in a seasonal bottom around mid-June.

And silver tends to follow gold’s lead.


Score a Quick and Easy 200% Profit on This Share Buyback

You may have been seeing a lot about "share buybacks" in the news lately – especially after Apple Inc. announced a new $100 billion stock repurchasing program.

Now, I know that "buybacks" may not sound like the most exciting thing in the news right now – but the truth is, they're extremely important for the overall market.

In fact, they're even more important when the major indices are in the red – like we saw on Tuesday when the Dow plummeted nearly 200 points.   

But that's where a buyback comes in…

Not only could it be the catalyst for the start of a new rally higher, it could also open the door to new, lucrative trading opportunities - like this one...


Oil Prices and the Iran Deal

Last Thursday afternoon's modest reversal into positive territory means that crude oil prices have a ways to go yet before an equilibrium takes over.

As of Thursday's close,West Texas Intermediate had eked out a fractional gain, amounting to a two-session rise of 3.3%, and 6.4% for the month.

Meanwhile, Brent had posted a 3.2% two-day rise and a 7.5% gain for the month.

Given its wider use as the bellwether yardstick for oil trade worldwide, Brent often exhibits a greater sensitivity to geopolitics and global market pressures than WTI.

However, the even greater relief is this: since the lows of early 2016, WTI is up 72.3%; Brent is up 77.7%. 

Is this the result of Trump's decision to axe the Iranian nuclear deal (JCPOA)?

To a certain extent, yes.

Yet that impact is more the result of a knee-jerk reaction than it is any tangible correlation...


Earnings Season Is Here, and There's One Way to Play It

It's the start of the earnings season, and we all know how that can go.

Alcoa Corp. (NYSE: AA) kicked off April 18 by crushing expectations, and 80% of the companies in the S&P 500 have topped analysts' estimates – and that's in comparison to the previous historic average of 67% of companies that exceeded conjecture.

But, all beats aside, the S&P 500 has dropped 1.3% since earnings reporting started.

And Alcoa, which popped more than 5% and made a new all-time high at $62.35 after it reported, closed Monday, April 30, at $51.20 – down 17.9% a mere seven days after soaring like Icarus.

Overall, the market's performance has been poor, and with the unusual number of companies that beat earnings big-time and have since traded down, it's giving investors a lot to worry about.

It makes one sick of relying on stocks.

Here's why they should be worried, what to watch for, and what to do if it all goes wrong...


The World's First $1 Billion Cannabis Drug (and 2 More Biotech Blockbusters)

To hear Wall Street tell it, AbbVie Inc. drove right into a ditch last month.

Here's the thing. The company announced results of a Phase 2 trial on March 22 that were disappointing but hardly fatal. The results mean AbbVie won't seek fast-track approval for its promising antibody-drug conjugate, Rova-T, but it still expects to be able to take it to market in the near future.

Wall Street overreacted – no surprise there – and AbbVie shares lost 15% in three sessions.

Here's the thing. Wall Street's overreaction to AbbVie's disappointing U.S. Food and Drug Administration trial results weren't the only reason for its share-price plummet.

You see, though it shouldn't be, biotech is in the dog house – and investors are primed to punish stocks in the sector for just about anything.

But what you don't hear much about is the fact that the industry is about to bust out.

That's because biopharma companies are ready to release several potential blockbuster drugs – drugs with potential yearly sales of $1 billion – over the next few months.

I've identified three specific "Biotech Blockbusters" that could do even better than that. So, I'll show you those.

And then I'll reveal the single best way to play all three all at once...


Why the Old "Buy and Hold" Is No Longer the Way to Go

No matter if you have a mutual fund account, an IRA, or an employer-sponsored retirement account, you've probably been told at some point in time: put your money in for the long term in order to build your wealth.  

This mirrors the idea that contributing a specific percentage or dollar amount of your paycheck during your working years will set you up for a nice retirement – and it's the single most common piece of investment advice out there.

But here's my concern…

The amount of money and time you need to build your wealth depends on your own lifestyle and desires. There's no "magic number" for you to reach. Your wealth is what you want it to be.

Now I'm not disputing that you can make money over the long haul…

I'm saying there's a much faster – and much easier – way to finally get that vacation house you've always dreamed of… 

So don't let Wall Street hold you back any longer.

It's time to get a head start on your financial goals...

Wall Street

Wells Fargo Is Facing the Fire (and They Should Be)

The prospect of big bank deregulation in light of the outrageous ongoing criminal activity – because that's what it is – at Wells Fargo makes me cringe.

Last week, the U.S. Federal Reserve, the principal regulator of America's systemically important financial institutions, proposed the first big bank-friendly rule changes under the Trump administration.

Have you heard about this? No, probably not.

Maybe it was because the changes, which are mostly revised capital and stress test rules, must go through a comment period before they can be adopted, and that's why the news wasn't front-page worthy.

Apparently, neither was talk last week that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau could possibly fine Wells Fargo $1 billion for egregious auto insurance and mortgage lending abuses.

And, no, the mortgage abuses aren't legacy issues from the financial crisis era; they're a new rip-off.

Here's what the news neglected to mention, and what it means for your money...

Marijuana Industry

Pot Stocks Are About to Soar Again, and Here's Why

I try to avoid talking politics here.

My job is to help you make money no matter who's occupying the White House and Congress.

I'm not here to comment on what they're doing except on how it will affect your money.

And even though I could score some points if I did so, I'm certainly not here to endorse one party or the other.

I say all that so you don't think I'm a knee-jerk "Trump basher." I'm quite conservative myself – and have vocally supported the president on a number of matters (a tough thing to do sometimes in liberal Silicon Valley).

But I cannot hold my tongue any longer as President Donald Trump keeps damaging Main Street investors and their retirement holdings.

Of course, I'm talking about the president's misguided attacks on Inc.

I want to show you how these attacks are part of a pattern for this administration.

In fact, they're related to the pressure we've seen on pot stocks of late.

Today I'm going to show you that's playing out.

But more importantly, I'm going to show you how to profit...


The Facebook Fiasco and Its Future

Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) is in a heap of trouble.

Users are deleting their accounts and threatening a class-action suit.

Advertisers could pull back in droves.

Congress wants CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify before them.

UK regulators could file charges against the company.

And, worst of all, Facebook likely violated a 2011 consent agreement with the Federal Trade Commission to safeguard users' personal information and could be subject to trillions of dollars in fines.

Here's the fiasco facing Facebook, what it means for its once high-flying stock price, and the far more insidious things that are going on behind the scenes...