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Why the Bitcoin Lightning Network Will Unlock Monster Gains

The Lightning Network is the "killer app" that will push Bitcoin to widespread adoption and drive the price into the stratosphere.

Lightning solves two of Bitcoin's biggest issues – scaling and speed. With the Lightning Network, Bitcoin will be able to process thousands of transactions per second – as many or more than the Visa network. And confirmations will be instant.

These features will open the door to many new uses for Bitcoin, creating massive demand.

The impact of this technology can't be overstated...

Strong McDonald's Earnings Report Drives Dow Jones Today Up 120 Points

The Dow Jones today projected a 122-point gain in pre-market trading after the McDonald's Corporation reported very strong quarterly earnings.

This morning, the firm reported EPS of $1.79 per share, a figure that topped analyst estimates by 12 cents.

Revenue did decline by 9% year-over-year, but the $5.14 billion reported still bested Wall Street expectations of $4.98 billion.

McDonald's leads a busy day of earnings reports as markets continue to cheer the best quarterly performance for the S&P 500 in seven years.

The World's Biggest Money Manager Just Blew the Lid Off Wall Street's Snake Oil Scam

Earlier this month, BlackRock Inc. reported fantastic earnings for the first quarter of 2018, surpassing Wall Street's expectations on nearly every metric.

Now, BlackRock is the largest money manager on the face of the earth, so any sane individual interested in keeping up with the markets – and therefore making money in them – needs to pay close attention to BlackRock's performance.

The company reported net inflows of $55 billion into its money management products. It also hiked the dividend by 15% and bought back $335 million in stocks, both of which contributed to the solid 6% gain shareholders saw from January to March.

Now, BlackRock is far too large for me even to consider owning. I only target unreasonably undervalued companies, and any company known as the world's largest "anything," let alone money manager, will always be far from undervalued. 

But when BlackRock is speaking, it's a good idea to listen. The recent earnings show the company now has over $6 trillion in assets, meaning the suit-wearing foot soldiers are pretty damn good at selling their products.

And this most recent earnings report speaks volumes about how these products are falsely marketed to you…

They're marketed as investments that don't provide underwhelming returns when, in reality, that's exactly what they provide...